Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Vegas Baby, Vegas

Ok, so I am leaving for Vegas very, very soon, like 6:00AM Thursday. This is good news. Here is what I hope to accomplish while there.

- Play Craps at least once

- Watch Koontz put $100 on Black in roulette

- Bet on the Badgers to win the NCAA tournament

- Bet on the Brewers to win the World Series

- Step foot in the Monte Carlo

- Not let Bulldog pass out at ESPN Zone

- Drink at least 50 free Captain and Cokes

- Not ride in a cop car

- Make some horse bets

- Spend one entire day in Caesar's Palace Sportsbook

- Have a good time

I will probably have some sort of post-Vegas post in the future

"Your'e so money Mikey" - Double Down Trent

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