Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Vegas Recap #1

My huge Vegas Recap will be coming in a few days. I have over six pages of notes on the trip that I will make into one post, but here is a recap of my goals I made the day before I left.

- Play Craps at least once - Didn't play, but watched Kevin, Koontz, and Clay do it

- Watch Koontz put $100 on Black in roulette - He did it the morning we left and lost

- Bet on the Badgers to win the NCAA tournament - Forgot to do it, the odds were 12:1

- Bet on the Brewers to win the World Series - See above, odds were 50:1

- Step foot in the Monte Carlo - Jumped out of a taxi at red light and went there by myself

- Not let Bulldog pass out at ESPN Zone - He did not pass out, good news

- Drink at least 50 free Captain and Cokes - Mission accomplished easily

- Not ride in a cop car - Cop car free

- Make some horse bets - Made a lot of horse bets, lost a lot of horse bets

- Spend one entire day in Caesar's Palace Sportsbook - Spent two entire days in the Mirage Sportsbook

- Have a good time - Check

As promised these will be explained later in the Untitled Vegas Post

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